Water Well Driller Insurance

The Henry Ham Agency can give you coverage specifically tailored to water well drillers including:

  • Essential Property Coverage for buildings, your business’s personal property and the personal property of others.
  • Liability Coverage to protect your business from liability exposures, including premises and operations, product liability and completed operations. 
  • Comprehensive Business Auto Coverage protects the commercial vehicles driven by your employees.
  • Umbrella Coverage provides your business with additional security in the event of a catastrophic liability claim.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers medical expenses and compensation for lost wages of workers who are injured on the job (available in select states).

Key Coverages for Your Business

Property and Inland Marine

  • Down-the-hole coverage
  • Flow breakout coverage
  • Employees’ tools
  • Accounts receivable
  • Water/Sewer backup
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Property in transit
  • Money and securities
  • Pollutant cleanup and removal
  • Valuable papers and records


  • Blanket additional insured
  • Bodily injury: includes mental anguish
  • Extended property damage for property in your care, custody or control
  • Fellow employee
  • Supplementary payments: bail bonds/loss earnings
  • Blanket waiver of subrogation

Commercial Auto

  • Towing and labor
  • Temporary transportation expense
  • Waiver of deductible for glass breakage
  • Airbag accidental discharge
  • Auto loan/lease coverage
  • Blanket additional insured
  • Autos rented or hired by employees
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Blanket waiver of subrogation
  • Audio, video and data electronic equipment

Optional coverage’s can also be provided for:

Flow Breakout Containment Coverage

Flow breakout containment cost coverage can be added to the water well drillers policy to cover the costs incurred to contain a flow breakout, including materials, services and labor.

Inspection Liability: Water Well Drillers

Inspection liability is an optional coverage that can be added to cover errors and omissions involving your work in connection with water well inspections. Coverage is available with a $50,000 occurrence limit and an aggregate limit of $100,000 per policy period.

Limited Pollution Coverage

Water well drillers limited pollution coverage can be added to your policy, protecting your business from financial damages caused by pollution at water well drilling work sites. This optional coverage is available at various coverage limits, up to $1 million.


CyberSolutions provides the robust protection you need to respond to and recover from a data breach or cyber-attack. The policy provides coverage for the costs associated with computer software restoration, data recovery, third-party liability protection, response efforts, defense and liability, and identity recovery for key individuals within your organization.