Motorcycle Builder & Dealer Insurance

Protect Your Dealership, Protect Your Living

Yeah, we know, dealing with motorcycle business insurance is probably the last thing you want to do right now. But all those motorcycles on the floor, that’s your livelihood. Run into some bad luck and you could lose a whole lot of money, or the whole thing, in one swipe.

Say somebody falls in the parking lot and sues you big-time. Or a thief steals a $45,000 bike from your showroom. Or a tech wads up a customer’s bike on a QC ride. Or a fire destroys your shop, everything inside, and all the work you put into it. What then?

Bad stuff happens. That’s why, if you’re a motorcycle dealer, you need motorcycle dealer insurance in Colorado from the Henry Ham Agency. Then, when stuff happens, you won’t get thrown under the bus.

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Insurance for Your Motorcycle Shop or Dealership

We make it hassle-free for you to get motorcycle repair shop insurance or motorcycle dealers insurance in Colorado.

That’s because we understand what you do, why you do it, and what it would mean to lose it. We love motorcycles. We ride them and have even built a few. The motorcycle business insurance we sell will let you do what you love to do and still sleep at night.


What you’ll need is pretty basic and it’s all included in our Motorcycle Dealer Insurance Package. You get full-blown protection with all the coverage you gotta have:

Property Coverage

Protects your building and the contents of that building. Everything in your shop that doesn’t have wheels – furniture, fixtures, tools, equipment, parts, accessories, stock – is property, and we cover it.

Dealers Physical Damage Coverage

This protects all of your dealer-owned rolling stock against physical damage by theft, fire, collision, etc. Bikes new and used, trailers, shop trucks, vehicles run on “D” tags – any vehicle your business owns, it’s covered here.

Dealer Liability Coverage

This is a big part of your motorcycle repair shop insurance or motorcycle dealers insurance in Colorado because it covers your day-to-day operations:

  • It protects you from bodily injury and/or property damage claims, legit or not, brought against you or your employees.
  • It covers slip-and-fall or other incidents where the public gets hurt in your showroom, shop or parking lot.
  • The auto liability part covers customers on demo rides, mechanics on QC rides and employees using dealer-owned vehicles.
  • There’s product liability protection too in case someone sues you for failure or alleged failure of the motorcycles and parts you sell.
  • The completed operations protection covers anyone suing you for the service or repair work you’ve done.


Garage-Keepers Liability Coverage

You have customers leaving bikes for service, right? Well, if you screw it up while that bike’s in your shop, you’re covered here for any damage that happens to it, or if it gets stolen. Henry Ham can provide you with the most comprehensive motorcycle dealers insurance in Colorado

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

State laws require you to have it. Plus it’s just the right thing to do for your people. Workers compensation pays benefits and medical care to employees injured on the job. It also pays benefits to dependents of employees killed on the job.

Other Protections

The Motorcycle Repair Shop Insurance and Motorcycle Business Insurance Packages from Henry Ham Insurance Agency has lots of other coverages included to benefit your motorcycle dealership. We’ll explain everything when you talk to us, but these are some main ones:

  • Pollution clean-up (like accidentally dumping oil out back of the shop)
  • Personal property off premises (at bike shows, etc.)
  • Ordinance or Law (complying with ADA)
  • Host liquor liability (imagine someone getting drunk at your customer appreciation day party, crashing on the way home and you get sued)
  • Property in transit (you load up your truck or trailer for the Black Hills, it flips in transit or your stuff is stolen)
  • Limited worldwide liability (if your bikes or parts go out of the country and you get sued)
  • Outdoor property (covers fences, trees, signs)
  • Reconstruction of valuable papers and records
  • With Henry Ham’s motorcycle dealers insurance in Colorado other operations in conjunction with your shop can be included, such as taverns, tattoo shops, etc.