What Are My Responsibilities As An Employer Under Workers Comp Law?

Maintain Coverage

We can’t stress enough how important it is to always have workers compensation insurance. Even if you only have 1 employee, state laws require that you carry workers compensation.  Failure to provide the required insurance can land you in big trouble. It is a class A misdemeanor with a penalty equal to 3 times the  annual premium  you would have paid. Also, fines up to $50k could be possible. This could really hurt your business and your reputation.

 Postings of Notice

It is important to post information identifying your insurance carrier, designated medical provider and claim administrator. This is important because you might not always be on-site on when an accident occurs, and it is important to get the claim filed as soon as possible, within 24 hours if possible.

 Immediate Medical Care

As an employer you must provide your injured employees with immediate medical care. If it’s an emergency dial 911 and have the employee make an appointment with your designated medical provider as soon as they are able.  If it’s not an emergency then have them go directly to the designated medical provider.

 Injury Reporting

The sooner you report a claim, the better. We suggest reporting the injury within 24 hours. This will allow your insurance carrier to get involved as soon as possible so the employee can receive proper treatment right away which will resolve the claim faster and get the employee back to work sooner.

Stay in Contact

Don’t let your injured employee go through the process alone; let them know you care and want them back to work as soon as they can.  Keep in touch with them and help them keep their doctor’s appointments, help them arrange transportation to and from appointments if they are unable to drive.  Be prepared to offer modified duty for injured workers based on the Doctor’s instructions.