Professional Athletes and Workers’ Comp


A lot of people put professional athletes on pedestals. In fact I find myself doing it often as well. Especially with the 2014 Olympics recently ending, I found myself awing over the huge air the skiers/snowboarders get, the dangerous speeds that the luge athletes fly down in, and beautiful life or death spins the figure skaters do (I say life or death because could you imagine hitting your head on that ice? Ouch!). Either way, we are all guilty of remembering sometimes that professional athletes are just ordinary people, who deal with ordinary problems such as workers compensation.

Recently in the state of California, the state Governor, Jerry Brown, signed a new law into measure. The new law limits the ability of out-of-state professional athletes to file for workers’ compensation in the state of California. So for instance, if the Lakers gained a new player in a trade and that player got hurt only after a few games. he possibly could not be eligible to make a claim. The new law covers almost all professional sports in the state such as: baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, and soccer.

Although the law was supported but the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL; there has been a backlash from pro athletes about the law. The players have been arguing that they are entitled to file workers’ comp claims regardless where their team is based because they pay income taxes for each game they play in the state. Athletes also accept workers’ comp as a benefit in their salary packages.

Now it’s time to hear from you. Pro athletes are more often than not in the news for controversial issues. Push those situations aside and tell us what you think about this law? What will be the outcome for various athletes? Should we care as a public? We wanna know your thoughts, opinions, and if this changes your opinion on pro athletes and their salary?