Beer of The Month: March

It’s that time again folks! Beer of the month! For those of you who don’t know, Colorado has a few notable towns, one being Boulder. Some call it the happiest city in America (according to a new NY Times ranking), others call it hippyville, and some consider it the just an ordinary college town. No matter what the collective view of the town is one thing is for sure: Boulder makes great beer! This month’s “beer of the month” comes straight out of Boulder, Colorado. Going by the name “Hazed and Infused” you can actually taste all the personalities of the town in the beer. With it’s unique taste one can’t help themselves but to be intrigued to drink more.  Hazed and Infused is one of those beers that taste great but you can’t really put your finger on what it actually tastes like. That’s because the brewers at Boulder Beer Company have blended four different hop varieties together to give the beer that unique aroma.  The beer is a dry-hopped ale. With it’s amber color and smooth taste it is easy to finish a bottle before you even know it!

Although it is 4.85% alcohol, which is a bit lower for a craft beer here in Colorado, a six pack tends to go quite quickly! It’s citrusy to the nose but has a huge hoppy kick once tasted! This beer tastes the best when drank out of a becker glass. What is also unique about this beer is that it goes fantastic with Thai dishes and dipping sauce. It also tastes great with any kind of spicy sushi!

This beer is definitely one to try. With it’s fruity smell and spring ski season flourishing up in the mountains right now, this is definitely a patio beer at the lodge on a ski day! So kick back, relax, take in the mountains, and sip away