Beer Of The Month: February

This month we are featuring none other than the TommyKnocker’s Pick Axe IPA. Brewed at the TommyKnocker brewery in Idaho Springs, Colorado and containing a 6.2% alcohol volume, this beer will make you feel like you’re in the beautiful mountains of Colorado with every sip. The TommyKnocker brewery has  been creating outstanding tastes since 1994.  It’s a classic American India Pale Ale with a medium amber hue. Pick Axe has a mixture of tastes that all flow together to leave your mouth watering. It’s big sweet, fruity, citric taste has an underlaying pine edge which really highlights the hops in the drink.  This beer goes great with spicy food. When I first tried TommyKnocker I was eating a basket of wings. But the beer will go well with anything that has a kick to it! It definitely clears the taste palate!