Testimonials | Henry Ham Agency of Denver Colorado

quoteLeftHank Ham has been taking care of our business insurance for the past 15 years, and he’s been around the motorcycle world as long as I can remember. I know Hank to be family-oriented, aggressive and open-minded. Having someone safeguarding 2Wheelers that can relate to us and shares our same concerns is really invaluable. I … quoteRight

Arlin Fatland


Our business is very diverse, and trying to find an agency to cover our product liability, inventory, bikes, retail operation and vehicles was impossible. I searched painfully for two years and no one agent would cover it all. Hank Ham called here wanting to buy a windshield, not to sell me insurance. When I realized …


Brian Klock

quoteLeftOur company puts on some of the largest bike rallies and events in the Rocky Mountain Region. We started out with getting our event insurance from a local agent and paid huge commissions for minimal coverage. Next we went to buying ‘online’ policies with zero customer service. Thankfully, we found Hank Ham through a sponsor. … quoteRight

Jim and Pam wear

quoteLeftIt is a real pleasure to do business with Hank Ham. His knowledge of the insurance business and the motorcycle business is so diverse that he really takes the legwork out of it all for me. From bonds to insurance for our special events to my mechanics’ equipment and tools, Hank really understands all facets …quoteRight

Kathy Yevoli

quoteLeftStroker’s Dallas does not do business with companies – we do business with people. Hank Ham walks the walk. He knows the motorcycle business like no one else. More importantly, he knows my business. I trust Hank. I never have to worry about him over-insuring or missing anything that will put me in a bind. …quoteRight

Rick Fairless

quoteLeftYears ago, I had a great insurance man who retired and I spent the next two decades looking for another. Good men in this business are hard to find. Hank Ham has really taken good care of our dealerships. Aside from the fact that his agency’s pricing and coverage can’t be beat, Hank really helped …quoteRight

Russ and Leann Saputo