Top Reasons Why Workers Get Hurt

It is easy to have a work-related accident, especially if you work in a high-risk accident environment i.e. contractors, tradesmen, transportation, etc.  Workers compensation isn’t an easy subject. There are so many components of the insurance type, and we plan to break down all aspects of workers comp throughout the next couple of week’s blog posts.  We’ve compiled a list of the top reasons to why workers get hurt in the work environment.

  • Employers assume that their employees know more than they really do.

Many new employees have specific skills from their past jobs that they don’t know how to translate over into their new environment. In addition many employers believe that because they have hired an employee with experience they will be able to adapt to the new work environment.  Employers tend to see basic job  precautions as  common sense, and fail to warn workers.

  • Brand new employees often lack knowledge or understanding  of personal protective equipment, otherwise known as PPE.

PPE for those of you who don’t know, refers to any kind of safety wear issued by the work place. This can include, but not limited to: eye and face protection, head protection, foot and leg protection, hand and arm protection, hearing protection and overall body protection. Many times workers don’t see some of these item as a priority to wear for their job and fail to take the right safety leaving them at high risk of getting hurt.

  • Work places do not stress that safety is a high priority 

Often times both workers and employers do not stress over minor injuries. It is important to report ALL injuries to your supervisor despite of how small you think they might be.  And often times that minor injury leads to something a bit more serious.

  • Employee training often focuses on what to do, but fails to discuss job hazards to avoid

Since the work environment is new to them they aren’t familiar with hazards or what to do when one happens.  Better training could lead to less accidents.



Beer of the Month


Colorado is known for all it’s great breweries and local beers. With such a large selection of tasty drinks in this state, we’ve decided to choose a beer each month to highlight. This month we chose none other than the Vanilla Porter! The Vanilla Porter is brewed at the Breckenridge Brewery, and features a taste like no other. It’s chocolate and nut flavor leaves you wanting more. It also has a creamy consistency, which turns this beer into more of a dessert. Because the beer can be a little heavy and filling at times, it goes better with food that isn’t extremely greasy. You can also make a great milkshake with the Vanilla Porter. Just take four scoops of vanilla ice cream and add a half bottle of Vanilla Porter and you will have one very tasty treat!

We all love the taste of beer and discovering new brews here at Henry Ham. But we urge you all to please drink responsibly and never drive drunk!

Monthly Raffle Contest Announced!

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Our customers and fans are so loyal to us that we want to show our thanks and reward them! From now on, every month we will be giving away a great prize to one lucky winner! This month we will be raffling off a nice tasty bottle of Stranahans Colorado Whiskey! All contestants have to do is ‘like’ our facebook page and your name will automatically be entered into the drawing! Stranahans Whiskey is just the first of some awesome prizes!



Henry Ham’s Agency History Series


At this time of year, most folks  look forward to a new year, and what it may hold.  We’re looking back, a hundred years or so,  taking  a  peek  of what “we”  were  doing  100 years ago. We will share the history of the Henry Ham Insurance Agency,  it’s founder Henry J  Ham,  Our Granddad,  born in 1898,  from the time he joined  the Army (WWI)  as a pilot (yes, he fibbed about his age) , returning to the family  farm in Hudson CO,  his  “involvement ”  with motorbikes,  his marriage,  their   kids,  (our dad,  Rod ).  Dad’s  history in the insurance business, and marriage to mom, to Greg and I.  From the black and white pictures, through the instamatics, and the kodachrome  era.  A brief narrative of each photo, each person will be feature  in every upcoming post. We look forward to sharing our history with you!

Holiday Photo Contest!

Take a picture of your pet dressed up or placed in a holiday setting/outfit, like our page, upload the photo on our facebook page by tagging us and the best picture wins! It’s that easy! The winner will be announced Christmas Eve! Good Luck!

How to safely ride in the snow!

How fun does that video look?! Here at Henry Ham we love to live on the edge! Whether it be cruising at a fast pace on a motorcycle or competing in a adventure mud race that we insure, we’re always looking to push that so called “edge” just a little bit further.

Recently in Denver, where we are located, we’ve had this nasty thing called a “cold snap” come through. A cold snap is when sudden spell of cold weather comes through the area leaving the temperature during the day in only the single digits, and the evening temps not getting out of the negative numbers. So to say the least we are FREEZING! But that doesn’t stop us from having some fun and living on the edge!

All this snowy and cold weather brings on some new concerns, you can still have just as much fun but you’ll need to be prepared for the snowy conditions. We’ve compiled together a list to help you be better equipped when you decide to take a ride in the snow!

  • Wear two pairs of socks, inner gloves, and let Gore-Tex be your new best friend.
  • Use the rear break and be prepared for the front tire to slip out
  • Avoid that nasty compact stuff
  • Move your weight to keep lean angles to a minimum
  • Never ride faster than your stopping distance will allow
  • And most of all HAVE FUN!



Suiting up for the V-twin Expo!


14th Annual V-Twin Expo

February 8th-9th

Duke Energy Center 

Wow! We can’t believe it’s been almost a year!  Every year we head out to Cincinnati, Ohio for the annual V-Twin M/C Expo. The V-twin expo is a trade show devoted solely to the M/C world.Which is the reason why it’s so awesome.  It brings dealers, manufacturers, and distributors together; whether it be brakes, tires, race engines, M/C magazines, insurance, etc. You can count on a vendor from every aspect of the industry to be there!

Over the past  10 years the V-Twin Expo has become one of our favorite events. Which is why we get so excited about the months leading up to it! You get your eyes and hands on some of the coolest products in the industry!  In addition to all the cool products we always meet some of the most beautiful people at this event.  Whether it’s meeting new friends or being reunited with old ones, no where else can you find so many of the M/C industries’ heavy cats in one place.

When was the last time you got to talk face to face with the guy that invented and fine tuned the component you can only see in magazines? The trade show brings cats from all over together to mingle, hang out, and see some super cool product, why wouldn’t you want to be apart of this cool event?

The amount that we learn at the tradeshow puts us light years ahead of other guys who didn’t show up.  Unfortunately we won’t be doing any seminars this year, but that means we have more time to hang out with all you guys! And once again we will be giving out everyone’s favorite towels!

We can’t wait to see you all there!

Understanding Facebook Means Understanding EdgeRank

Understanding “EdgeRank,” the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what content is displayed and to whom, is a critical component of designing effective campaigns that will drive more engagement with your customers.

With more than 1 billion users, and 550 million active daily,there is a tremendous amount of conversation taking place on Facebook. By someestimates, there are as many as 700,000 status updates occurring every minute!To make sense of all of this traffic, Facebook relies on its EdgeRankalgorithm. EdgeRank analyzes potential messages and assesses whether theyshould be displayed to each user based on three main factors: “Affinity”between the user viewing the message and the brand, “Weight” or quality of themessage being sent, and the “Time Factor” associated with the message.

Affinity: In the EdgeRank algorithm,“Affinity” quantifies the relationship between a brand and a fan, and works toincrease the likelihood that relevant messages will show up in the timeline ofthe fan. This Affinity rating is determined by ongoing and repeat interactionsbetween the two parties, including liking, commenting, sharing, or evenclicking on shared links.

What this means for brands is that it is critical that you buildyour Affinity rating by providing enticing opportunities for your fans tointeract with you. Posting relevant and interesting updates, communicating withfans that visit your page, asking questions that are likely to generateconversation, or even creating easily shared content are all ways to increaseyour Affinity score.

Weight: While Facebook analyzes every action thattakes place on its platform, some are assigned a higher “Weight” than others,and as such are more likely to appear in a fan’s news feed. The simplest andmost basic interaction is when a fan likes a brand. This action is important,but is deemed less valuable than more involved actions such as commenting orsharing, and as such, is Weighted less.

To maximize the Weight of your brand’s actions on Facebook,create content that naturally is of higher value such as photo or videoupdates, and ask your fans to share, comment, or reply to your posts. Poststhat generate these actions are more heavily Weighted and therefore more likelyto show up in the news feed, thus starting a virtuous cycle of sharing,commenting and replies.

Time Factor: Perhaps the easiest tounderstand component of EdgeRank is the “Time Factor” variable of the equation.Simply put, as time passes, actions on Facebook lose some of their value. Thisassures Facebook users that they are being fed a steady stream of relevantcontent, but also demands consistent and regular updates and activity on thepart of the brand.

What this does not mean is that you should post a never-ending torrent of frivolous content, but instead suggests that you should be creating a steady stream of posts to keep the conversation fresh. Look for highlights in the industry, special events, or interesting articles to share regularly.

Nonprofit Development Considerations

Due to the nature of non profit organizations, non profit development plays a vital role in an organization’s success. Since charitable fund raising provides such an important source of financial support, an organization’s fund-raising program should be based on truthful and responsible stewardship. And fund-raising policies should be consistent with a non profit’s mission, and respectful of the interests of donors and prospective donors. Some common non profit development ideas are:

  • Annual fund drives
  • Cause-related marketing
  • Corporate campaigns
  • Direct mailings
  • E-commerce fundraisers
  • Endowments funds
  • Income investments
  • Individual & employee giving
  • Gifts in-kind
  • Major gifts
  • Matching gifts
  • Membership dues & tuition fees
  • Product sales
  • Grant writing
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Special events & ticket sales
  • Sponsorships
  • Board members and staff

In non profit development activities, it is important to respect a donor’s privacy and safeguard their information. If donors wish to remain anonymous, don’t want their names from being sold, rented or exchanged, or no longer wish to receive solicitations, their requests should be honored. For the sake of your overall non profit development efforts, it is vitally important to be respectful of the needs and interests of every donor. 

Additionally, every non profit should maintain policies that govern the acceptance of charitable gifts, including determining any limits, the purposes for which donations will be accepted, and whether to accept an unusual or unanticipated gift.

A Little Bit Intro about Easter Seals

Who is Easter Seals?

Easter Seals is a non-profit charitable organization that helps more than 1 million children and adults with autism and other disabilities and special needs live, learn, work and play in our communities.  Sites provide services, therapies and treatments tailored to meet the specific needs of the particular community it serves.

Why we chose Easter Seals?

  • Easter Seals provides support to more than one million children and adults living with disabilities or special needs.
  • It provides physical and mental health services to our military members and veterans.
  • It provides services to the elderly through adult day programs and in-home support so the elderly can live as independently as possible.